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We offer most woods in both slab and lumber Form

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If you have a project you are needing lumber for we would love to help you.

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Wood slabs


Bar tops

We are committed to cutting and supplying the best quality slabs for your home, business or restaurant.


Slab Tables

From the sawmill to the sanding we take the time to make every piece look just the way you want. Our work goes far beyond the workshop and will stand the test of time so that you can make memories that will last forever. 


Every unique characteristic gives a certain feel that turns a house into a home. We believe that our custom work is a large part of what makes that true. 


For all questions regarding creosote please contact 

Jim McDaniel - (940) 435-0249


Services We offer

WM 1000

67” diameter, 54’ long capacity. The thin kerf blade will save your valuable logs from the waste that is incurred when you slab with a chainsaw. We are able to cut live edge slabs up to 67” wide. -----------------------$250/hr

*One Hour Minimum Charge on Either Saw*

CNC Milling

$120 per hour

Surfacing, custom cutting, milling

*One Hour Minimum Charge

Wide Belt Sanding

$120 Per hour

Wide belt sander 36 wide by 5 inches thick

LT 70

Band Saw Milling

$150 Per hour

24 inch max diameter up to 20 feet long

*One Hour Minimum Charge on Either Saw*

Baxter Whitney Double Headed Planer

Wood Planing

$120 Per Hour

We can plane any board:
max 34 inches wide by 6 inches thick

Molding  $120 Per hour  Four sided six head molder: Max 8 inch wide by 7in thick


$120 Per hour

Four sided six head molder:
Max 8 inch wide by 7in thick


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